The Concept

This new project, the JANS concept, with shops open in Lisbon, at Herdade das Jans as well as online sale, encompasses various aspects, among which “JANS studio contemporary craft”. This is embodied in the creation of manually crafted textile articles - inspired by the techniques of Applique Art and Basting Embroidery, traditional of the Nisa region - ceramic, cork objects and aromatic products, unique items of contemporary design, manufactured in Portugal inspired by handicraft techniques of Northern Alentejo.

Under the creative direction of ISILDA PELICANO, a partnership was established with “IADE - Creative University” and with “Nisa Embroidery and Pottery Museum”, aimed at harnessing creative dialogue between the new designers, the local craftspeople and the museum, symbol of the ancestral expertise of the region's handicraft techniques.

A commercial project with a profoundly cultural trait which creates unique objects of contemporary design, aimed at promoting the traditional arts and crafts of the region, and contributing to attract young designers to reinterpret them in a contemporaneous manner.

JANS is the trademark that identifies and accomplishes the project - the JANS concept - based at Barca d’Amieira, close to Nisa, reflecting the passion for "things" and the "arts" of nature, inspired by the connection to the land, the work produced by successive generations of craftspeople, epitomised in a style, an image, a product, a lifestyle identified with the Designer, illustrating an aesthetic sensitivity in which simplicity, elegance, design, wellbeing, beauty and respect for nature are experienced harmoniously.

The brand, whose name is borrowed from a regional legend - the Legend of Jans - promotes proximity with nature, the valorisation of craftsmanship, respect for tradition, engagement with the local community, fostering work with local craftspeople together with invited artists and designers – the new craftspeople. This relationship is embodied in the creation of unique and unrepeatable objects, which seek inspiration in the local handicraft techniques and ancestral expertise, preserving the memory and authenticity of local culture, projected in new patterns of modernity, based on strong focus on design, quality and innovation, with the tourist side being a corollary of this innovative trademark.